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Steel Wheel Stoppers
- Aug 22, 2018 -

The metal gear lever is also known as wheel block, reverse pad, stop bit, stop bit, positioning device, stop wheel bar, stop wheel seat, crash barrier, reverse rail, reverse pole and so on. The metal gear lever is used in parking lot and garage. When the car stops, the tire touches the stop wheel bar to make the car park accurately and neatly.It can well prevent the possibility of collision with other cars, and also prevent the possibility of erasing the car, so that the car is better protected, easy to install, any combination, suitable for parking, underground garage and so on.The wheel positioner is installed at the rear of the parking space to limit the vehicle accurately to the best position, eye-catching and beautiful, easy to install.At present, it is the best facility to limit the accurate parking location of vehicles.

Materials: galvanized steel pipe + engineering reflective film

The roller is made of high quality steel pipe with paint and reflective film.The rod surface is affixed with a wear-resistant, reflective, reflective film in line with international standards, making the parking stop device black and yellow, reflecting light at night.It serves as a warning

1. Good anti-collision performance, anti-car wheel impact and hard object impact will not be damaged.Strong cushioning capacity, to protect buildings and vehicles from damage. 

2. It has the advantages of sun protection, heat resistance, cold resistance, non-cracking and non-discoloring.Strong pressure resistance, strong practicability, reasonable slope design.Applicable to all vehicles. 

3. The colors of white red, yellow and black are eye-catching, which can reflect dazzling light at night so that the driver can see clearly and locate accurately. 

4. Double mounting holes are provided for fixing.Wheel locators are installed in parking lots to avoid collisions between vehicles and between vehicles and other items. 

It is available in stock, after the surface is treated with anti-rust paint, the surface is covered with black and white paint, yellow reflective film or red reflective treatment, and the positioning is clear, which is of great help for parking guidance, collision prevention and pedestrian safety.

Easy to install, with bolts and reinforcement, even cement perfusion can be constructed, diverse selectivity, fast and efficient.

The installation is stable, the vehicle will not move when impact deformation, effectively regulate the parking order


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