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Specifications for height parameters of traffic signs
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Traffic signs are facilities that use graphic symbols and words to convey specific information to manage traffic and indicate the direction of driving so as to ensure smooth roads and safe driving.Applicable to highways, urban roads and all special roads, with the nature of laws and regulations, vehicles and pedestrians must comply with them.And what prop up traffic sign sign sign is traffic sign pole, traffic sign pole also calls road sign pole, highway sign pole, both sides of highway is used at indicating the post of traffic route, traffic sign pole is processed by steel pipe model, the surface passes hot galvanization processing

There are many kinds of traffic signs, according to the types of traffic signs are mainly: single-column traffic signs, multi-column traffic signs, frame traffic signs (gantry frame), attached traffic signs, cantilever traffic signs are divided into F traffic signs, T traffic signs.According to the type of use, it can be divided into: monitoring sign pole, traffic signal light pole, f-type sign pole, road sign pole and traffic sign pole.

The general sign board shall be no less than 25cm away from the outer edge of the roadway or sidewalk or the shoulder of the dirt road. The height of the traffic sign from the road surface shall be 150cm~250cm.When setting on urban roads with a large proportion of small cars, the distance height of traffic signs from the ground can be effective according to the actual situation, but should not be less than 120cm.When set on the side of the road with pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, the setting height shall be greater than 180cm.

The standard specification of traffic sign pole is mainly based on the road traffic sign board and supporting parts, and the following standards should be taken into consideration: urban road traffic sign and route.Specifications for graphic symbols shall conform to the specifications for the establishment of urban public transport signs, underground railway signs, highway traffic signs and marking lines.

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