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sign in parking lot
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Sign is integration planning, sculpture, architecture, space, logic, color, aesthetic, material combination in the integration of product, it is neither simple text, more is not the so-called brand, it is in harmony with the environment of unique work of art!

From traffic signs: the number of vehicles in the city every day, hundreds of increase, the road resource less and less, to reasonable layout, traffic signs, increase traffic monitoring one-way street as well as the time restrictions and so on all need to alert people to sign.There are absolutely no signs for the connection and transformation of various transportation facilities.Position setting rules set region labeling rules tourism logo set color design principle of selecting rules modelling design service identification system design and improve the supervision of cycle identification system comprehensive consideration, analysis of the environment, understand the local culture, local customs, architecture, city personnel conditions, road conditions, citizen quality, regional conditions, tourism personnel much comprehensive analysis and so on many factors, determine the overall planning for urban identification system for region segmentation, on the layout to special emphasis on: reasonable, uniform distribution, primary and secondary clear fluid, distinct, step by step smoothly comprehensive:Everything is comprehensive, all aspects of the strict standard urban logo system to assist urban operators to manage the rapidly changing modern city.

the direction sign,enter & entrance sign usually show in parking lot .and parking charging standard sign alway be showed in entrance area in big square shape .

Size :1000*1200mm, thickness :1.5mm, material: aluminum plate,

Reflective materials: engineering reflective film


bike parking lot 800*600mm 


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