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set up rule of Parking lot traffic facilities
- Dec 18, 2018 -

1. Parking space:

Standard parking space: 2500x5000mm

Pull over: 2300x6000mmx2

2. Parking space number: 400x400mm, for easy management

3. Stop indicator arrow: 300x300mm. For the convenience of management, the vehicle should be parked according to the regulations.

4. Ground orientation arrow: there are six kinds: straight, left, right, right, left and right, right and left, right and left, right and left, right and left, and turn around. The national standard specification guides the vehicle to drive accurately.

5. Road lane rope: 150mm wide, set on both sides and the middle of the road to guide the vehicle to drive correctly.

The above 1-5 practices: clean the ground, according to the construction drawings for parking space measurement, positioning, wiring, construction with hot melt marking car.

16. Phi 76x2.0x2000mm, set in each parking space from the bottom line 900-1000mm position, easy to stop positioning, prevent collision.Materials: national standard steel pipe, black anti-rust primer, yellow reflective film.

7. Reflective rubber corner protection: 800x100x7mm, which is set on the corner of the wall and column passing by the vehicle to protect the vehicle and structure.Materials used: high elastic rubber and reflective materials.

8. Safety convex mirror: phi 800mm, set in the traffic complex intersection position of the wall or cylinder, play a role in improving the status of the impact-free area, guide the vehicle to drive correctly, the use of materials: PC explosion-proof materials.

Parking lot signs: set in the middle of the road, with a chain installation, or directly nail on the wall, on the parking lot traffic management command, size has a 600mm,600x400mm, train 700mm,1200x300mm and other kinds of materials: aluminum plate paste engineering grade reflective film.

10. Road reflective spike: 100mmx100mm, set on both sides of the ramp yellow and black warning belt, plays the role of line of sight induction and width display, and guides the vehicle to drive correctly. Materials used: cast aluminum and reflective materials.

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