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safety road construction sign
- Aug 10, 2018 -

A sign announcing the passage of the road construction area.To alert motorists and pedestrians.There are 26.Of these, 20 road construction area signs are used to inform highway and general road traffic blocking and detour.In road construction, maintenance and other sections before the appropriate location.

Collapsible arrow rule

The arrow used on the road sign should reflect the correct driving direction of the vehicle at a certain Angle.

(1) an arrow with an attached sign on a portal or overpass to indicate the purpose of the lane or the driving destination, the arrow should be downward and point to the center line of the lane;When used to indicate the exit direction, the arrow should be tilted upward and the Angle should reflect the line shape of the exit lane.

(2) the direction sign installed on the side of the road indicates that the arrow of the straight direction should be pointed upward, and the arrow of the direction of the direction should be consistent with the line shape of the steering lane.When there are three arrows, which are up, left and right, the arrow pointing to the right should be placed on the right, and the arrow pointing to the top and left should be placed on the left.

(3) the arrow can be placed below the main sign text or in the appropriate position on the side of the text.

Folded text specification

Road signs should be in Chinese characters and can be used with other characters as needed.When the signs are in Chinese and English, the place names should be in Chinese pinyin and the proper nouns should be in English.Part of the English language may be abbreviated due to the format limitation.



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