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PVC speed bump really can diagnose appendicitis
- Dec 03, 2018 -

This is a prospective clinical study conducted by Ashdown researchers from Oxford University and others on the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Let's take a look at it.If I told you that PVC speed bumps can diagnose acute appendicitis, many people would think that this person has a temporary mental illness or you are out of funny.This experiment actually won the ig Nobel Prize.

In this study, questionnaire survey was conducted to determine whether pain or pain pattern changes occurred when patients were driven through PVC speed bumps before admission.The researchers defined the aggravation of pain when passing through the speed bump as "positive speed bump stimulation sign", while patients whose pain sensation did not change or whose memory was unclear were classified as "negative speed bump stimulation sign".According to the analysis of the researchers, this investigation phenomenon can be used as an important reference index for clinical exclusion of acute appendicitis or other acute abdominal diseases.

A total of 54 patients showed "positive signs of deceleration zone stimulation", of which 33 patients were eventually diagnosed with acute appendicitis.Sixty-four patients with suspected appendicitis underwent surgery, 34 of whom were pathologically diagnosed with acute appendicitis.The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, positive likelihood ratio and negative likelihood ratio were 97%, 30%, 61%, 90%, 1:4 and 0:1 respectively.

Although there were patients in the study with "positive signs of PVC deceleration belt stimulation", the intraoperative investigation found that it was not caused by acute appendicitis, but by abdominal pain caused by other acute symptoms.This investigation phenomenon serves as an important reference index for clinical exclusion of acute appendicitis or other acute abdominal diseases.The possibility of PVC deceleration belt stimulation is related to peritoneal stimulation, which has the same pathologic mechanism.However, the speed and manner at which the patient drives or rides through the PVC speed bump may have different effects on the generation and diagnosis of "speed bump stimulation signs".

Our country does not lack the quantity and quality of disease species, a lot of things happen every day in a populous country.It's relatively small to be able to be so careful, to find problems and to conduct clinical studies with a solid foundation.Clinical trials in our country all like big trials, big ideals.


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