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PVC speed bump is a chassis killer
- Dec 07, 2018 -

Chassis is to point to car chassis, namely the chassis of car bottom advocate frame.The chassis includes the engine, gearbox, differential and suspension system.Chassis is composed of transmission system, driving system, steering system and brake system, forming the overall shape of the car, bearing the engine power, to ensure normal running.A large number of drivers should have encountered a crash when passing through the PVC speed bump belt and the chassis fell off.There are quite a lot of chassis killers on the road, very big chassis killers, belong to PVC speed bump.

Chassis killer one, PVC speed bump.It is easy to injure the front bumper, exhaust pipe and suspension system when passing the speed reduction belt quickly.PVC speed bump as the name suggests is designed to force the car to decelerate.However, there is no unified standard for PVC speed bump design, especially the car does not have the habit of deceleration, it will be easy to fall into the trap.The front bumper and exhaust pipe are generally easy to damage.

Chassis killer second place, steep slope top slope bottom, easy to damage the front bumper, exhaust pipe, pull rod.Road of any kind of slope, some of the steep slope, if the chassis is relatively low, go to the top of the slope is very easy to hold the bottom.And when you go down a steep slope, be aware that the front bumper of your car is protruding. If you go down a steep slope at a slightly faster speed, you can easily hit the ground directly.

Chassis killer third, road teeth, easy to damage the front bumper, tire wall, suspension.Because the road teeth easy to support the bottom, but also particularly easy to scratch the tire wall.Causes the tire to bulge or burst the tire, simultaneously also has certain damage to the suspension.

Road killers were ranked in the top seven, not to mention the analysis, respectively is the fourth brick and other foreign bodies, fifth muddy road, sixth road sag, seventh no manhole cover sewer.Car owners will scratch and worry about these killers.


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