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Promotion of the Solar Power Industry Notice
- May 10, 2018 -

First, strengthen planning guidance and optimize the layout of the construction. According to the requirements of this plan, the competent energy authorities in various regions will improve the timing, layout and development schedule of solar power generation in the region, and promote the construction of solar power projects in an orderly manner.

Second, based on the local consumption, preferential use of scattered. The development of solar power generation projects should take into consideration the solar energy resources, supporting materials (or land) resources, and grid-connected operating conditions, etc. The power generation capacity will be balanced on the spot and priority will be given to the development of distributed solar power generation.

Third, strengthen the construction of the power grid and implement the market absorption. Power grid companies should strengthen the construction of supporting power grids, optimize grid operation, strengthen power demand side management, establish a comprehensive technical support system for solar power generation, improve system adjustment capabilities for solar power generation and grid operation, and ensure solar power grid operation and efficient use.

Fourth, strengthen the building operation management, improve the technical level. The project entity should give full play to the main role of project construction and operation, attach great importance to the project quality, comprehensively strengthen the project construction operation and management, and encourage the innovation of multiple technologies and operation methods.

V. Strengthen the planning assessment and adjust and improve it in due course. In the planning and implementation process, timely implementation of solar power generation planning assessment, according to the development situation of the planning necessary revision and adjustment.

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