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Please allow us to introduce the features of the road barrel
- Oct 06, 2018 -

Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd introduction to bull barrels are mainly set in highway and city road, a car collision with the way of fixed facilities, such as: the bend of the road, car parks, gardens, gas stations, etc., have isolation effect, bull barrels is made of high elasticity, high strength of modified plastic, when the automobile collisions with the device, can effectively reduce the impact, therefore, can significantly reduce the car damaged with people, its surface with a reflective film, can according to need to labeled instructions.


1. Compared with the traditional steel crashproof bucket, such plastic crashproof bucket is more resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion and high temperature.Facing the different natural climate, it all has the super adaptation ability.

Second, Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd introduction to bull barrels in the process of using, also can be in inside with sand, water, etc., this can help isolate the pier with better buffering capacity, and help us absorb the strong impact force from outside, to protect the driver safety, reduce the degree of traffic accidents.

Third, it can be applied on the isolation pier, so that its appearance is not only exquisite and beautiful, but also has a good warning performance. In addition, it is placed in various public places and plays a certain decorative role.

Iv. The choice of high-quality imported PE raw materials and the combination of international advanced rolling molding technology make such separation piers have the advantages of light material and high strength.


Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd tells everybody such PE material is compared outstanding characteristic is recycling value is inferior, not easy occurrence pilfer phenomenon, and such material material is avirulent tasteless, very healthy and environmental protection, move discharge, the program such as transportation does not waste superfluous manpower material resources.

Compared with the traditional crash-proof bucket, the isolation pier made of such plastic PE material is not only very convenient for installation and transportation, but also can be adjusted according to the curve of the road. In addition to saving costs, it will not cause damage to different streets and highways.

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