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PE folding expansion rails
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Expansion guardrail is to use advanced technology to be made with PE material give priority to relatively new product, this product bulk is small, weight is light, insulate, have glance effect, use convenient, can fill water or sand inside, in order to increase its weight, make its more stable.

This product USES PE material, is the insulation product, is the electric power department, the electric power construction, the electric power facility isolation protection

2. Property department: local maintenance of the property for temporary enclosure, power cut and other special situations to isolate the population * show the crowd, and temporary emergency stop the car when the elevator is isolated before maintenance and the entrance and exit gate breaks down

Transportation departments;Bag major subway, bus station, airport.It can be used for crowd isolation and demonstration.

Gas department: the isolation and * of each gas company on the work site during outdoor operation

Elevator: when equipped with elevator maintenance, at least one set shall be provided for each elevator to the user.

Schools, hospitals and other major institutions: the main crowd and emergency isolation and protection.

Vii. Major shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls and shopping malls: crowd isolation and temporary isolation of large-scale activities

Height: 1000mm, maximum width: 2500mm, maximum width: 270mm, net weight: 3kg



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