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let us Tell you about the traffic sign
- Oct 19, 2018 -

In order to promote the orderly, safety of transportation, as well as improving the efficiency of the road, will set up a lot of traffic on the road signs, to inform road users traffic rights, the express road traffic is prohibited, restricted, walking condition, notice the information such as road and traffic conditions, so as to guide the orderly use of road users, but now the city road is so complex that the traffic sign on so much, it is easy to get confused, not clear, how to do?Let's tell you about the colors and shapes of various traffic signs.

7 - 副本

1. In general, the basic meaning of the color of the traffic sign is as follows:

1. Yellow or fluorescent yellow: indicates warning, and is used as the background color of warning sign;

2. Orange or fluorescent orange: warning and indicating signs for road operating areas;

3. Blue: indicates instruction and compliance, and is used to indicate the background color of the sign;Used as the background color of general road indication signs;

4. Red: indicates prohibition, stop and danger, and is used for the border, background color and slash of the ban sign, as well as for the fork symbol and slash symbol, and the background color of the warning linear induction sign, etc.;

Brown: indicates the instruction of the tourism area and scenic spots, and is used for the background color of the tourism area sign;

6. White: used as the background color, text and graphic symbol of the logo and the border of part of the logo;

7. Green: refers to the driving information such as place name, route and direction, which is used as the background color of highway and urban express road sign;

8. Black: the border of the text, graphic symbol and part of the logo used for the logo;

9. Yellow-green fluorescence: indicates warning, used to pay attention to pedestrians and children warning signs.


2. General rules for the use of the shape of the traffic sign are as follows:

1. Circular: used for injunctions and indication signs;

2. Fork: used for "fork sign of railway crossing" warning sign;

3. Inverted equilateral triangle: used for "slowing down to make way for the line";

4. Equilateral triangle: used for warning signs;

Octagon: used for "stop and give way" sign;

Square: used to indicate road traffic signs, part of warning, prohibition and instruction signs, tourist area signs, auxiliary signs, sign lights.

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