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Let's find out how to make traffic signs
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Urban road traffic signs, was named the "card" of a city, also is the eyes of foreign visitors, road traffic signs about the image of the city, especially in some big cities, road traffic sign is correct and beautiful, is about the international image of the city, affecting people's travel, so how the road signs made of?


I. making the base plate

Most of the characters and graphics made by traffic signs are phototypesetting and phototypesetting.According to the precision of parts, we can use the space - free and the space - free.Label size requirements are not high, can be used without space imposition.

Second, the positioning

The custom of making the screen printing plate of road sign is to ensure the accurate position of the graph on the surface of the same printed workpiece, unify and meet the requirement of color overprinter accuracy.According to the substrate materials, the shape of the silk road sign production method is different.

The preparation of ink

The requirements for the screen printing ink for making metal traffic signs are strong adhesion, good abrasion resistance, clear graphics after printing, fast drying and no sealing.Sign metal screen printing oil as is commonly adopt the alkyd and phenolic resin as a link, add some pigments, additives made of special inks, the ink printing performance is good, natural drying after printing or under the condition of 120 ℃ oven for 2 hours to dry, the ink film surface light, have stereo feeling, and the adhesion strength of the aluminum plate and the wear-resisting performance is good, this kind of ink ink film with JM - l film abrasion tester to test, load 7509 rubber wheel grinding pressure can reach more than 500 times, with cloth wheel grinding can reach more than 5000 times.


The quality requirements of the silk screen label

The silk-printed words, scales, graphics, orifices and colors of the traffic signs shall conform to the requirements of the drawings. There shall be no obvious scratches or stains on the surface of the finished products, and the adhesion of the ink film shall meet the requirements.

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