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Is there a difference between a highway and expressway sign?
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Road traffic signs have gradually become an indispensable signage in the city. In the increasingly prosperous cities, driving in unfamiliar cities is often bothered by the lack of road access. At this time, road traffic signs become particularly important.Road traffic signs are the most common road signs for our daily travel. They use specific words, symbols, patterns and graphics to convey site information, road information, direction information and distance information to passing vehicles and pedestrians.


What's the difference between a highway sign and a highway sign?In terms of the material of the indicator sign, it is basically the same. It is made of industrial high-strength aluminum plate and road traffic reflective film. However, different roads can be made with different thickness aluminum plate and different grade reflective film according to the road design scheme.In terms of the color of the traffic signs, the signs of ordinary highways are totally different from those of expressways. The signs of highways are generally made with the green bottom and the road reflective film of white or red Numbers, words, symbols, graphics and patterns.Common highway is to point to province road, city road, county road, etc., the indicative mark of common highway USES blue ground and white number commonly, character, symbol, graph, design road reflective film is made.


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