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Iron fence series products are all made by baking paint process
- Sep 22, 2018 -

Since May 22, 2015, land rover all iron guardrail series products of Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd to abandon the original painting process, all adopt the craft of the lacquer that bake, a major strategic adjustment based on customer demand as the guidance, reflect a lot of customers, the original painting craft iron guardrail, paint is easy to drop, anti-corrosion, and beautiful appearance is not the lacquer that bake.Land rover company ADAPTS the market demand, changes in time, by the iron guardrail baking paint craft volume production, has reduced the production cost greatly, in the product quality and the price, has the very good advantage.


1. On the appearance, the iron fence made by the painting process is more shiny and beautiful. The original paint spraying process is only applicable to the construction site.

2. Iron guardrails made of baking paint are featured with good anti-corrosion and rust protection. No matter indoors or outdoors, they can be placed for a long time.

3. Our iron fence is mass production, unified procurement of raw materials, more streamlined and standardized production process.Therefore, it has a good advantage in price.

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