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How to select thickness of aluminum sheet and reflective film grade?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Traffic sign board is one of the most common traffic facilities, and its structure mainly consists of reflective film, aluminum plate, aluminum trough and other raw materials. Among them, reflective film is a kind of reflective material used to display the content of traffic sign board, and aluminum plate is the core component used to form the whole traffic sign boar。


Except for some specific warning signs, injunctions, indicating signs and construction signs, which are specified by national laws and regulations, other signs generally need to be customized. How do we choose the aluminum plate thickness and reflective film grade when we customize the traffic sign manufacturers?First of all, when we go to the sign board manufacturer to customize the sign board, we need to choose the manufacturer with production strength, because the transportation facility product is the product closely related to people's travel safety, the strength and quality of the manufacturer is the key.

Second, Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd introduced to the traffic sign customization should be in accordance with the requirements of design drawings to select the corresponding reflective material, reflective film grade according to the new gb standard in China at present a total is divided into seven levels, namely the type of reflective film, also called engineering grade reflective film, 2 kinds of reflective film, also called super engineering grade reflective film, three kinds of reflective film is also called high reflective film, four types of reflective film, also called super reflective film, five kinds of reflective film, also called large Angle of micro prism reflective film, six kinds of reflective film, also known as seven categories metal coating reflective film, reflective film also called reflective lattice reflective film, etc.,Among them, engineering reflective film is mainly used in town road signs with a small traffic flow and a speed of less than 40 kilometers per hour.Super engineering reflective film is generally used for the road sign of the county level with a low speed of 60 km.High-strength reflective film and super-strength reflective film are generally used for urban traffic signs with a speed of less than 60 kilometers per hour.Highway signs generally use three types of reflective film, four types of reflective film, five types of reflective film of some or some of the reflective film processing production.


Third, when the traffic sign board is customized, the manufacturer tells us that the corresponding aluminum plate thickness should be selected according to the design drawing of the sign board. Aluminum plate thickness is closely related to the wind resistance and pressure resistance of the sign board.A single marker with more than 5 square meters is considered to be a large marker. Generally, aluminum plates need to be 2.5 to 3.0MM thick.A single marker with more than 9 squares is a large marker with a thickness of 3.0 to 3.5MM.

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