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how to identify the quality of traffic guardrail
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Today, guardrail in road traffic, public place can see that the traffic facilities engineering company introduction to select good traffic barrier not only can guide the road traffic situation, also can prevent sun, rain, therefore, it is very important to choose a good quality traffic guardrails, so, now on the market of road traffic barrier so much, we should how to identify its quality stand or fall?


The identification method of quality of guardrails is as follows:

1. The quality of the column and frame of the guardrail network is lower than that of the column and frame of the guardrail.

2. Control of the whole spraying process of the fence network, generally speaking, the whole of the fence network should pay attention to the uniformity of spraying, and the quality of the paint is also of vital importance.From this point of view, in the selection of the guardrail, the quality of the mesh and frame, as well as the process of spraying plastics are all important to consider.


The diameter and strength of the wire rod directly affect the quality of the wire mesh. In terms of wire selection, the finished wire drawn from the high quality wire rod produced by the normal transportation facility engineering company should be selected.The second is the welding or weaving process of the mesh, which mainly depends on the skilled technology and operation ability between technicians and good production machinery. Generally, good mesh is able to connect each welding or weaving point well.

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