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How to design the traffic sign?What are the key elements?
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Traffic signs are related to the image and civilization of a city. Nowadays, more and more out-of-town self-driving tourists are staying in strange cities, and they can only be guided by traffic signs on both sides of the road in most cases.If the signage is not perfect and clear enough, it will often lead them to take wrong roads and detours, thus reducing their impression of the city they visit. Therefore, how to design a traffic sign properly?What are the key elements?


Traffic signs and speed

The person is in different move speed falls, eyesight wants to change, speed is faster, the eyesight that sees an object in the field of vision drops more, specific eyesight drops how many, must pass an experiment to verify, if make standard specification, must want to undertake a lot of experiment, investigation is verified.

2. Shape of traffic sign

Sign shapes, especially traffic sign shapes, must conform to national or international standards. In the case of no standard specifications, the principles of easy identification and dissimilarity (preferably unique) should be noted.

1. The unambiguous principle guide sign should be one to one corresponding to the function attribute, position and path direction of the sign, without any ambiguity. The guide sign should indicate the road less or even not the place.


2. The function of the guidance traffic sign is to let the traveler or driver know where he or she is according to the signage leading into the chosen path, so the guidance is continuous.

3. The principle of visibility and readability. The current guide signs on domestic urban roads are not standard in size, and they are often used not as a sign for people to read, but as art works.

4. The signage should not be too small to find a place to go, nor too large to cause interference or waste.

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