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Grinding method of ice cream cone machine tool
- Dec 07, 2018 -

Ice cream cone is made according to the cone model. The cone represents the space formed by the cone surface and a plane (which satisfies that the intersection line is a circle) in the geometric figure.Solid geometry is defined as the geometric body surrounded by a curved surface formed by 360 degrees of rotation around a straight line where the right edge of a right triangle is located as the axis of rotation.The characteristic of cone is the intersection of cone prime line and axis of an Angle (cone's half Angle), therefore, when ice cream cone surface grinding as long as the appropriate adjustment of the grinding machine, so that the workpiece rotation axis relative to the longitudinal movement of the worktable deflection of a cone half Angle.When the deflection Angle of ice cream cone is reached, the specific grinding method is the same as that of outer circle and inner circle.

The rotary table of ice cream cone grinding surface and grinding surface of the cone, the workpiece clamped between the two top, in the workpiece cone Angle of the half Angle size, according to the scale of the right end of the table, the upper table around the lower table counterclockwise turn A/2 Angle can be.There are usually two ways to represent the scale on the scale, the taper on the right side of the scale, and the Angle on the left side. When grinding, it is usually too much to use the longitudinal grinding method, but also can use the segmental grinding method

The features of the cone surface grinding on the upper table of the rotating ice cream cone are as follows:

1. Longitudinal grinding method can be adopted, and the surface roughness of the workpiece is low

2. The machine tool is easy to adjust, as long as the upper table counterclockwise move a brick cone half Angle.

3. The general cylindrical grinder, the turning Angle of the workbench received limit, the method of grinding recovered less than 12 ° ~ 18 ° cone

4. Workpiece clamping is convenient.The workpiece only needs to be clamped between two centers. This method has high grinding accuracy and high market frequency.


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