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Do you remember all these marks?
- Nov 19, 2018 -

we believe that the one  pass the driver's certificate have such a  feeling, traffic line markings and signs much more special, when you choose to go wrong or don't understand the fine points, traffic line markings, some very simple, but some of these lines below may look not to understand even the old driver, the following engineering company with do you know the following traffic sign and marking, traffic line markings, make you less points.

1. Diamond line: this line is usually set at the front of the sidewalk. The traffic sign line engineering company reminds this line to serve as a reminder to the driver.

2. Inverted triangle: this is the demarcation line of deceleration, which is usually set at the intersection without the command of traffic police. It means that the vehicle must slow down here, so that the main road vehicles or pedestrians can go ahead.

3. Wrong visual marking: this kind of marking line usually appears in front of the tunnel entrance. The function is to make the driver feel the space compression through the special marking line modeling.

Left turn waiting area sign: literally, "left turn waiting area" means "waiting area for left turn".The purpose of setting up the waiting area is to increase the storage capacity of the left lane, reduce the waiting time for the driver to turn left through the intersection, and allow more left-turn vehicles to pass smoothly within the left-turn passage time, so as to improve the capacity of the intersection.

About these a few traffic mark mark mark mark engineering company to introduce this to everybody, no matter you are old driver or novice we are in drive process all need careful, see clearly understand sign line, for oneself safety also is for others at the same time.

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