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Do you know why traffic signs reflect at night?
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Believe everyone understand a truth, if the traffic sign on the reflective effect can not meet the design standards, at night or low visibility situations can not timely and accurately to give information to the driver, not only will cause the waste of manpower and material resources and time resources, at the same time also is likely to cause traffic accidents, to state property and people's lives and safety to bring serious loss, so the traffic sign the luminosity is very important, so you know why traffic sign night reflective?

7 - 副本

The structure of the first, we learn about the signs, we commonly used traffic sign mainly consists of aluminum plate and reflective film of reflective film is a major cause of lead to sign glow at night, reflective film is a kind of when the lamplight illuminate it can form a kind of back reflection source material, reflective film is mainly divided into two categories, one is micro prism reflective membrane;Type is a kind of glass beads reflective film, micro prism reflective film is also a lot of kinds, such as long distance back reflection performance good micro cutting Angle prism of reflective film, close the back reflection performance good micro prism of reflective film, large Angle distance back reflection prism reflective film, all are good performance of micro prism reflective film for the 3 m brand is more famous, and glass beads reflective film is one type of an earlier traffic sign with a reflective film, namely we often say "engineering grade reflective film".


Therefore, in the evening when we lamp or lamps light irradiation on the reflective signs, reflective signs will produce back reflection light passed to the driver's visual Angle, white positive brightness (DHS) DHS / 0.2-4 in 600 CD/lx/m or so commonly, let a person feel signs will be shining, in fact, in addition to the traffic signs and other traffic facilities is the same principle, such as reflective clothing, such as traffic road cone, reflective spike, contour standard is glows at night is mainly the role of the reflective material back reflection.

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