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Do you know the installation process of the traffic sign?
- Oct 06, 2018 -

We all know that all the traffic sign board Settings, including location (Angle), size of the sign, board surface design, reflective film grade should be strictly in accordance with the bidding documents, design and related specifications, to ensure the use of the sign board functions, now we will explain the transport sign board installation process in detail.


1. After arriving at the site, make full use of safety facilities such as signs and road bars to manage pedestrians and traffic and strictly follow the operation rules to ensure the safety of passers-by and operators, prevent accidents as much as possible and ensure the construction safety;

2. The installation of the traffic sign shall strictly follow the requirements of the construction drawing and determine the position of the sign according to the direction of traffic flow;

3. After determining the location of the foundation, the foundation shall be excavated at the designated place according to the size specified in the design drawing, and the vertical formwork, steel bar and concrete shall be processed as required.

4. The erection of the logo supporting structure shall be carried out after the strength of foundation concrete meets the requirements and the approval of the supervision engineer is obtained.The flange plate of the pillar and the base flange plate of the concrete foundation should be horizontal and close, the anchor bolts should be properly matched, and the pillar after the bolt should not be inclined.

5. Fix the logo plate on the pillar through the connecting parts such as sliding bolts and hoop;The distance between the inner edge of the column sign plate and the shoulder edge of the road should be 20cm, the height of the lower edge of the single-column traffic sign should be 250cm, and the cantilever mounting clearance should be 5.2m away from the road.


6. Check and adjust the perpendicularity and height of the sign board after the installation of the traffic sign board, so as to meet the specified requirements;

7, the traffic sign factory introduced to mark cantilever installation of vertical layout should be in the road centerline, roadside sign pillar installation, logo layout should as far as possible or at an Angle perpendicular to the road line: directions and warning signs of 0 ~ 10 degrees, ban and indication of 0 ~ 45 degrees, the line of sight inducing sign is 80 ~ 90 degrees.

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