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direction signs
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Direction signs are one of the main signs in traffic signs. According to the functions of the signs, they can be divided into path guidance signs, place guidance signs, facilities along the road and other road information guidance signs.

General highway signage is intended for road users who are unfamiliar with the road network but have a plan for travel.General highway direction signs should take into account the needs of both near-road and long-distance road users and provide information about the road to the destination, relevant towns along the way, important public facilities, service facilities, location, distance and driving direction.

General road

Road 1 names

Road 2 famous site

Road 3 administrative division division

Road 4 road management


No. 5 national highway

Number of road 6

No. 7 county road

Route 8 driving direction

Road 9 intersection notice

Road 10 intersection

Road 11 t-junction

Road 12 roundabout

Road 13 interchange

Route 14 bifurcation

15 location distance

No. 16a station

No.16b airport

Road 16 c car park

16 d long distance bus station

16 e first aid station

Road 16 f ferry pier

16 g scenic spots and historical sites

16 h gas station

No. 16 I car wash

16 j ferry

16 k MTR station

Road 16 l catering

Road 16 m car repair

Road 16 location identification sign

Route 17 a is slow

Walk along the steep slope of 17b

Road 17 c foggy section

Road 17 d soft soil section

Way 17, e large car to the right

It's not a road sign it's a warning sign

Road 17 g accident prone point

Road 17 h continuous downhill

Road 17 I long tunnel

Road 17 j protects the animals

Number 17 sign

18 car park

19 refuge lane

20 pedestrian overpasses

Road 21, underground road access

Road 23 this road is not accessible

Road 24 facilities for the disabled

Route 22 detour sign



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