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different meanings of Various shapes traffic signs
- Jul 16, 2018 -

In our life there are many traffic signs, we through careful observation is not hard to find their shape, there are many different why traffic signs is not unified a shape but a variety of shapes, a lot of people will have doubts on this issue, is it in order to beautiful?Actually, it's not true. The reason for making different shapes is to make people better able to distinguish them. The symbols of different shapes represent different meanings.

We often see a triangle traffic signs on road, the traffic signs represent a non-motor vehicle logo, non-motor vehicles usually sign in mixing of most of the time have a non-motor vehicle crossing of the road, the triangle can arouse people's attention, is very obvious.And some place to slow down, in and out of place before this marks tend to get into a round shape, the circular to people feel very comfortable, unconsciously will understand the meaning of the inside.And we stop to give way sign usually adopts the octagon traffic signs, said outside the traffic must stop line lookout permission to pass, after confirmed safe parking in most cases this logo will show up in the parking lot or roads staggered complex urban intersection, in order to be able to make the traffic more orderly, prevent certain traffic accidents usually adopt octagonal symbol.Very common in our life another kind of traffic signs is a sign of quadrilateral is a pedestrian crossing sign, is a provided specifically for people to walk, this kind of pavement can effectively facilitate people to travel.


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