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Customized diamond reflective film for traffic signs
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Co.ltd custom reflective film is the use of special process of glass beads of the formation of the reflector and the combination of polymer materials, such as PVC, PU, etc to form a new type of reflective material, reflective material is it made of safety protection articles, under a certain light irradiation can produce strong reflective effect, to the pedestrian in the dark or night operations staff to provide the most effective and reliable security.Reflective film is a kind of PVC film with special structure that can reflect light back to the light source by optical principle.It is composed of film layer with good weather resistance, micro glass bead layer, focusing layer, reflection layer, viscose layer and peel layer.

Traffic signs customized reflective film mainly has engineering grade reflective film, super grade reflective film, diamond grade reflective film and so on, below we will specifically introduce the traffic signs customized diamond grade reflective film.

The performance of this series of reflective film belongs to the first and second class reflective film of jt-t279-1995 standard issued by ministry of communications of the People's Republic of China. Its reflective principle is different from that of glass beads used in engineering grade and high strength grade reflective film.

After the connection and arrangement of each microcrystalline cube of diamond grade reflective film, there will be more than 930 microcrystalline cube angular bodies in a square centimeter material area.After sealing, an air layer is formed in the lower layer of the microcrystalline cubic angular body, so that the incident light can form internal total reflection, so as to achieve the best reflective effect without the aid of metal reflector.Diamond grade reflective film made of wear-resisting polycarbonate material with high hardness and microcrystalline cube technology is compared with traditional engineering grade and high strength grade reflective film, and its reflective performance is not only multiplied, but also greatly improved in wide Angle.The brightness of diamond grade reflective film is more than six times that of engineering grade and more than three times that of high strength grade.

It is applicable to traffic signs of high-grade highways and urban roads.Under normal use, the brightness retention value after 10 years should be at least 50% of the initial brightness value.Using the same kind of ink screen printing technology can produce a variety of patterns.

Usage: road sign, no sign, underground sign, warning sign and indication sign and common advertisement sign.

Life: generally 10 years, the series of reflective film in normal use, 10 years after the brightness retention value of at least 50% of the initial brightness value.

Applicable base plate: aluminum plate, steel plate.

Operating temperature: general requirements in 18 ℃ to 28 ℃.

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