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Creative foreign traffic signs
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Foreign signs indicating traffic signs, should have heard, in front of the zoo to be careful, this side of the road cats and dogs will appear to be careful.There are also some foreign road danger warning news, I do not know if you have the impression, the owner of the quarrel do not look at the traffic signs, the road danger warning do not get off, because the road fierce tiger, the final double death.In the face of China's rigid signs, let's take a look at creative traffic signs abroad.

(1) there are many elephant signs on highways in Western Europe, which remind people to fasten their seat belts. They are called "elephant signs".

(2) in Western Europe, "puppet signs" can be seen, showing a puppet policeman, constantly waving the flag slowing down, known as "puppet signs", vivid deceleration warning signs.

(3) in some parking lots in Denmark, there is a triangular sign with a running thief on it. It tells the driver to lock the door of the car to prevent theft, which is called "anti-theft sign".The same warning reminds the car to guard against theft, and the sign in Moscow shows a car, its tires, stuck wheels, seat cushions, etc., are hung between an iron lock.This is used to indicate "car thief proof" signs.

(4) the romantic capital of France. The signpost in its busy area has a smiling image of a young girl, which reminds people that there is a place of entertainment ahead. It is locally called the "smile sign".Even the symbols of the city of romance are different.

(5) the roads of Cairo are marked with signs painted with grapes, which are known as "grape signs" and which read "caution, danger!"Because there is grape juice implied that the road is very slippery.

(6) Singapore painted tropical "brown bear" on the road signs, which implied to drivers that patience should be the priority. It was called "brown bear sign".

There are a lot of interesting traffic signs out there for you to find, and there are in my country, too, just not paying attention.Life needs to slow down!



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