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Check out the true identity of the reflective ice cream cone
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Every city, every corner of every highway, you can see the shadow of the ice cream cone, the road turns out, the road construction office, parking lot and so on, reflective ice cream cone all play an important role, guiding the people on the right road.The following are the main types of reflective ice cream cone and its scope of use: the color of ice cream cone is mainly red, yellow, blue three, red is mainly used in outdoor traffic, urban intersection lane, outdoor parking lot, sidewalks, buildings between the isolation warning.Yellow is mainly used in dark places such as indoor parking lots.Blue is used on special occasions.

Now China ,ice cream cone manufacturers as much as hongmao, it is not like reflective film due to the technical restrictions of the manufacturers so few.Ice cream cone is generally the base of the rubber height: 45CM, the surface with a high strength reflective film.It has a good reflection effect at night and under the effect of light.Basically basically be the base that purchases rubber commonly, resemble reflector material manufacturer purchases reflector film to add at construction finished product next.

Reflective ice cream canister and reflective film, reflective cloth, reflective paint, reflective vest and other reflective materials play an increasingly important role in modern life traffic.

There are three general USES for reflective ice cream cones on highways:

1. Division and warning of dangerous construction sections.See long card neat cone cylinder, the driver friend should be placed along the cone cylinder along the outside of the road safety driving vehicles, do not string into the cone cylinder isolated area, because the construction section may not dry cement or asphalt, or road potholes, in order to figure out the short road and lead to danger or damage to your car can not pay off.

2, traffic police diverging warning, no traffic in front.The same is a long plate of neat cone, but there are police cars in the scene, this closed cone belt means that this is a no-go sign, no vehicle can cross, forced into the cone belt.

3. Suppress speed. In case of rain, snow, stagnant water or road sections with frequent accidents, traffic management departments will remind passing vehicles by conical cylinder compression of lane width to reduce speed.



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