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Application and optimization design of various traffic signs
- Dec 04, 2018 -

With the rapid development of expressway and urban large and medium-sized road construction in China, the number of traffic sign posts of gantry frame is increasing at the present stage.The aim of the optimal design of the marker rod is to save material and environmental protection.According to the market research, the cost of traffic sign rod accounts for about 5%~7% of the total cost of the whole traffic project, so the optimization design of traffic sign rod has great social needs and application prospects.

Cantilever traffic sign pole is a sign board arranged on the cantilever, and the height of the lower edge of the sign from the air should be greater than the clearance height stipulated by the road.

Cantilever traffic signs are suitable for the following situations;

Cantilever traffic signs -- F traffic signs, T traffic signs

Gantry traffic signs - traffic gantry frame

Restricted line-of-sight or line-of-sight;

The road is wider, the traffic volume is larger, the outside lane large vehicles respect as the inside lane small vehicles line of sight;

There are applications on the landscape.

When setting on the side of the road with pedestrians and non-acute vehicles, the setting height shall be greater than 180 cm.

Multi-column traffic sign pole is a sign board arranged on two or more posts, is suitable for rectangular command or direction signs.

Column signs within the boundary should not invade the road construction limit, daily from the outer edge of the roadway or sidewalk or the shoulder of the dirt road not less than 2.5 cm.

The daily height of the lower edge of the traffic sign plate from the road surface is 1 50cm~ 2 50cm.When setting in the urban road with a large proportion of small cars, the height between the lower edge and the air can be effective as the actual situation, but should not be less than 120 cm.

Column type furnishing has arduous;

Gantry traffic sign pole is the sign display on the door rack, the height of the lower edge of the sign from the air should be greater than the clearance height stipulated by the road.

The traffic sign post type daily has the single-column traffic sign post, the multi-column traffic sign post.

The marker rod is fastened to the outer edge of the marker belt and perpendicular to the air.One marker pole on each side.The length of the upper and middle 80 cm exceeds the span of the top of the net, and 100 cm is within the net.Each 0 cm shall be painted with wrestling colors of bright white, preferably red and white.The marker rod should be seen as an integral part of the net and as an effective means of moving back and forth between the two hinterlands of the space.

Shenzhen Dazhan Tenology Industry Co.,Ltd. has carried out a systematic finite element analysis of the stress of the marker rod. The method of material nonlinearity and geometric nonlinearity has been adopted for the analysis. The initial section size of the marker rod has been optimized by using the finite element software.(5) compare the theoretical optimization results with the finite element optimization results, analyze the causes of errors, and select the overall design value.The research shows that the bottom of the pillar and the middle of the beam of the sign pole of the gantry frame need to be protected in the design.According to the engineering example of this paper, the optimization design is carried out and the results are obtained.By comparing the optimization of full stress method and finite element method, the optimization design using finite element method is more efficient and accurate.Through the comparison and analysis of the theoretical optimization and the finite element optimization design of the traffic sign pole of gantry frame, the optimization results can provide a reference for the design of the traffic sign pole of gantry frame, and the optimization method can also provide a reference for the structure optimization design in the future.

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