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Application And Corresponding size of road cone
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Road cones, also known as traffic cones, taper road signs;There are mainly three materials: 1. Rubber; 2.2. Plastics;3, EVA is more weather resistant than rubber and plastics (-60 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius), environmentally friendly and flexible.

There are mainly three colors of road cones: red, yellow and blue. Red is mainly used for outdoor traffic, urban intersections, outdoor parking lots, sidewalks and buildings.Yellow is mainly used in dim places such as indoor parking lots.Blue is used for special occasions, such as in Japan.In Europe and America, luteinization makes the warning effect more obvious.

The material of the road cone, height, color and reflective material determine the use occasion:

Road vertebrae of 90CM and 70CM should be used in highway maintenance and repair

70CM of road work should be used at urban road junctions;Maintenance and repair

All colors of 70CM to 45CM should be used in the school and the entrance and exit of the hotel

45CM fluorescent red road vertebra should be used in large surface parking lot (outdoor parking lot)

45CM yellow road vertebra should be used in underground parking (indoor parking lot)

The 45~30CM blue road vertebra should be used in schools and other public sports places



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