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Analyze the production material of the scenic spot sign
- Nov 22, 2018 -

What are the production materials of the scenic spot logo?What are the characteristics of different materials?For this concern, we will tell you about the materials of what it, what are the features respectively, at present our country is relatively commonly used to make the scenic spot signs materials mainly is divided into six kinds: stone material, artificial materials, wood materials, stainless steel materials, metal materials, cold plate, we are gonna introduce you to some kind of material and its properties.


I. characteristics of stone materials

Stone as a sign of the scenic spot material has many advantages, the first is the strong visual impact, environmental protection, natural integration in the environment.The second is corrosion resistance, not easy to be damaged by external forces, long service life.But natural stone material also has the drawback is bulky, do not facilitate transportation and processing.Especially for the steep terrain of the scenic area, more difficult.

2. Cold plate characteristics

we told everyone that cold plate is a kind of metal material with low cost and wide application. It has the advantages of easy cutting, polishing, bending, welding, convenient processing and strong coloring.However, the cold plate is weak in oxidation resistance and easy to rust. Generally, it will rust in two years when it is outdoors.The aluminum alloy plate has high strength, good plasticity, and can be processed into bell profile.The surface of the aluminum alloy plate logo is diversified and rich in content, and various characters and patterns can be carved on it through the second examination.It is light, not easy to rust, easy to color, and easy to install.


Iii. Characteristics of stainless steel materials

Stainless steel is a very important material in the scenic spot sign.Its metal texture is strong, bright and bright, strong antioxidant, the logo produced is beautiful and fashionable and can be matched with other materials more unexpected effects.The wood grain imitation technology is applied to the stainless steel material, which can achieve the natural wood visual effect and the three-dimensional wood grain tactile effect imitation degree as high as 95%;The problems of easy decay, collapse and short service life of log label were solved.This process will make the stainless steel in the application of the scenic spot.

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