Custom Red Reflective Rubber Traffic Cone

The colors of road cones are mainly red, yellow and blue, and red is mainly used for outdoor traffic, urban intersections, outdoor parking lots, sidewalks, and isolated warning between buildings.Yellow is mainly used in indoor parking lots and other dark places.Blue is used for special occasions, such as in Japan on an airplane.In Europe and the United States, the fluorescence of the road vertebra makes the warning more obvious.

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Product introduce of Custom Red Reflective Rubber Traffic Cone 

Road cones are also known as traffic cones,Circular reflective cone, It has the advantages of sun protection, weather proof, heat resistance, cold resistance, non-crack, non-discoloration and so on.

Standard sizes : 30cm ,45cm ,70cm ,90cm 

Can accept customized size 

Characteristics of rubber road cones

1. Good flexibility, roll resistance and hard object impact will not be damaged.

2. It has the advantages of sun protection, weather resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, non-cracking and non-discoloration.

3. The white and red colors are striking, and the dazzling light can be reflected at night, so that the driver can see clearly.

Application of 

Custom Red Reflective Rubber Traffic Cone

Used in urban intersections, highway maintenance, hotels, communities, sports venues, hazardous areas and road construction sites.

Characteristics of rubber road cones :

1. The cylinder is made of special rubber, PVC, tpu, Eva and other materials, which are refined by special technology and are resistant to collision and deformation.Return to the original state quickly after crushing.The lattice film can reflect the dazzling light, reminding the driver to be safe, even after the impact will not cause secondary damage to the car or driver!

2. The iron road pile plays an effective isolation role and is a good helper for the passage of the isolated areas of shopping malls, supermarkets, properties and units;It is also widely used in the area of road junction shunt motor vehicles and pedestrian separation zones or zebra crossings.

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